Building Resilience in Schools Through Sport Activities

Alexandra Galbin
Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi, Department of Sociology and Social Work


Abstract This paper brings into attention the importance of doing sport activities in schools, as a strategy for building resilience. It is widely known that during this period of Covid-19 many sport activities have been reduced and children are engaged less in sport activities. In this line, the paper analyses the impact of Covid-19 on sport activities and its impact on children wellbeing, and how sport contributes to the resilience of children. Resilience is important for children mental health. It helps children to deal with daily difficulties such as homework, exams, bullying, family context, but also to cope with challenges later in life, during adolescence and adulthood. Practicing sport children learn life skills, transferring these skills to other context such as home, and communities. The paper also suggests some directions that should take into consideration in order to increase the awareness of doing sports activities in school context. Keywords: resilience, sport, school participation Acknowledgement: This work was co-funded by the European Social Fund, through Operational Programme Human Capital 2014-2020, project number POCU/380/6/13/123623, project title <<PhD Students and Postdoctoral Researchers Prepared for the Labour Market!