Engineering Students' Perceptions when Working with Narratives in A Humanities Course.

Edgardo Maza-Ortega and Carmen Espinoza-Melo
Universidad Del Bío Bío


This research reveals the change that occurs in students of a university course when using narratives, which allows facing monumentalism in classrooms, taking into account that in most of them, classes are still being held in a traditional way without taking into account the opinion of the students about the topics covered in the courses. The qualitative method is the one used in this research. The results obtained allow to establish the influence of the course on the learning strategies used by the students, as stable learning indicators, two networks are presented: one corresponding to the use of narratives, and the second corresponding to the incorporation of the questions. Students are motivated to work collaboratively and have a favorable opinion of this implementation. Keywords: higher education, engineering students, narratives, humanities, education, monumentalism, collaborative work.