Undergraduate Students' Perceptions of Virtual Teaching

Pinelopi Krystalli
Aristotle University or Thessaloniki


Following the first Covid-19 cases in Greece, the Ministry of Education decided to close all educational institutions on 10 March 2020. On 14 March, the Chancellor of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, where the author currently teaches, urged the academic community to create virtual classrooms and begin distance learning. According to a statistic released 96% of the University’s lecturers decided to carry out lectures online. The purpose of this contribution is to investigate undergraduate students’ perceptions of virtual classrooms and distance learning. To this end, we have conducted qualitative research in which participated 50 3-year undergraduate students of the Department of French Language and Literature. Students’ perceptions, were investigating through a mini-interview. Students’ responses, were recorded, transcribed, and categorized according to specific criteria. Students compared in-person and distance lessons, referred to the pros and cons of both types of teaching to support their arguments focusing on the content of the lecture or seminar, the type of activities as well as the lecturers’ ability to use technology. Finally, in this paper, we will include a section of lessons learned from the teacher’s point of view.