Positive of Being A Leader Charismatic in Academic Institutes in Arab World .

Salwa Alrais
Zayed University


Leadership defined as skills and values a person have towards reaching to goal or result. Leadership developed by instinct and we can see many people they have leadership naturally in their personality. The aim of this presentation is to promote leadership among academic or organizational level as important tool through learning what type of leadership person have or developed either by instinct or by adapting some important values and charisma especially in Arab countries. Leadership can be influences to help individuals in their personal and professional lives and to reach success and particularly needed to for students, teachers and university communities. A leader faculty teacher, leader student, leader advisor, leader administrator, leader dean, and leader assistant. It is a new way of improving doing the same work but in advanced way as leadership. In this presentation, I will talk about the importance of promoting leadership in level of the academic organization or any organization. Ways to influence leadership in students and to be leaders, and what is the result from leading your field. Adaption of important values of leadership skills and adapting perfect personality, and finally wheal of leadership creative approaches.