Building Social Business

Diana Biba
European University of Tirana


Although there no single definition of the social business as a notion, such lack has not hampered it to become a growing phenomenon. The most prominent definition is offered by Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunuswho considers the social business a new kind of business dedicated to solving social, economic, and environmental problems that have long plagued humankind—hunger, homelessness, disease, pollution, ignorance, clearly standing between the for profit and non-for-profit organizations. The social business in Albania, is now a tangible reality, both formally in terms of legislation and in practice, in social businesses operating in the market, although more awareness and knowledge is needed. The social business interacts with other domains such as innovation, corporate social responsibility, activism, markets and is considered to be a driving force to growth and sustainability, leading by example to the traditional business as well. Keywords: Social business, capitalism, corporate social responsibility