EUSER is a research center delivering supports and services to education and research in Europe, Ballkans and Worldwide in partnership with universities, libraries, community organizations, public agencies, enterprises and other research institutes. We offer a variety of programs to support and promote scientific, social and educational development, international cooperation, scientific publication and organization of international conferences. You can participate to a conference, publish a journal article, a chapter in an edited book or a monograph with EUSER.


ICSS XVII 2019 Murcia

paris in one day sightseeing17th International Conference on Social Sciences will be held in Murcia on 8-9  March 2019 . https://euser.org/icss17                                                                              


frankfurt18th International Conference on Social Sciences will be held in Lisbon on 17-18 May 2019. https://euser.org/icss18                                                                               

ICMN IV 2019 Amsterdam

leuven4th International Conference on Medicine and Natural Sciences, Amsterdam, 26-27 April 2019. https://euser.org/icmn4                           

Publishing with De Gruyter

frankfurtWe are glad to announce that De Gruyter now publishes 4 of EUSER journals and projects them for indexing at ISI and SCOPUS.                                                          

 ICSS XII, at the premises of Science Park, Amsterdam, 19-20 May 2017
 icss12 5
ICSS XII, 12thInternational Conference on Social Sciences has been successfully
completed with the participation of 395 authors from 43 countries with 224 scientific
contributions at the premises of Amsterdam Science Park Congress Center on 19 May 2017,
as in-person, poster presentation and virtual forms. All the accepted papers
in the to sessions of the conferenceas per the fields, mainly in Education, 
Business, Economics, Language, Literature, Interdisciplinary and
Social Sciences have been published in the proceedings book with ISBN
and in one of the  Scientific Journals liste in 




In-Person Session Program: http://icss.euser.org/prcd/icss12_conf_prog_p_1.pdf

Virtual and Poster Program:


SCIENTIFIC JOURNALS, Journal Full Issue, Cover Pages and

Individual pages could be found at http://journals.euser.org                                                   


ICEF - International Conference on Engineering and Formal Sciences

icef conferences

ICEF - International Conference on Engineering and Formal Sciences is a series of conferences organized by EUSER in partnership with universities, academic institutions and research centers Worldwide. Please visit the website of ICEF, https://euser.org/icef4  to find out the actual announcement of the ongoing conferences.


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