EUSER is a research center delivering supports and services to education and research in Europe, Ballkans and Worldwide in partnership with universities, libraries, community organizations, public agencies, enterprises and other research institutes. We offer a variety of programs to support and promote scientific, social and educational development, international cooperation, scientific publication and organization of international conferences. You can participate to a conference, publish a journal article, a chapter in an edited book or a monograph with EUSER.


ICSS XVI 2018 Paris

paris in one day sightseeingICSS XVI Paris 2018  16th International Conference on Social Sciences be held in Paris on 23-24  November 2018 as in-person, poster and virtual Participation. Register Now.

ICEF IV Amsterdam

frankfurtICEF IV 2018 4th International Conference on Engineering and Formal Sciences will be held in Amsterdam  on 14-15 December as in-person, virtual and poster forms. Register Now.

ICMN IV 2018 Belgium

leuvenICMN IV 2018  3rd International Conferee on Medicine and Natural Science will be held in Leuven on 19-20 April  2018 as in-person, virtual and poster forms. Registration will be available shortly.

Publishing with De Gruyter

frankfurtWe are glad to announce that De Gruyter now publishes 4 of EUSER journals and projects them for indexing at ISI and SCOPUS.

The 2nd ICSS 2010 - International Conference on Social Sciences with a theme “Identity of Woman and Family” was organized in Istanbul by EUSER at with the contribution of CNR-UNESCO and ICCV of Romanian Academy.
The conference proceedings can be downladed below.


ICEF - International Conference on Engineering and Formal Sciences

icef conferences

ICEF - International Conference on Engineering and Formal Sciences is a series of conferences organized by EUSER in partnership with universities, academic institutions and research centers Worldwide. Please visit the website of ICEF, https://euser.org/icef3 to find out the actual announcement of the ongoing conferences.


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