We are glad to announce that the organization of 23rd International Conference on Multidisciplinary Studies: "Resilience for Survival", has been successfully completed with the participation of 186 authors, with 105 papers, from 38 countries, on 30-31 July 2020.
Organized by EUSER, ICMS XXIII offered seven main sessions in the domains of Social, Educational, Language, Economics, Engineering, Medicine and Interdisciplinary Studies, aiming to bring together scholars, academicians, researchers and students to exchange ideas and share knowledge in making a contribution to the humanity's quest for answers on the global problem of Covid-19 pandemic. The conference was planned to have in-person sessions at the premises of Cambridge University, Oriel Room. However, due to Covid-19 related restrictions on travel and accessibility, the conference has been performed only virtual with realtime oral as well as forum presentations. 
Authors worldwide joined to have their say to make an impact on humanity's resilience for survival. Our aim was having your thoughts on what humanity's plan b should be i.e. for schools, universities, media, governments, hospitals and other domains in the event of a pandemic.
Considering the travel limitations, the conference was carried out with distant presantations thanks to our online presentation platform.
The abstracts and full texts have been published in proceedings book in 2 volumes. The papers will be published as well in one of the 10 scientific journals (indexed in Elsevier-Mendeley, Crossref, Ebsco, WorldCat, RePEc etc.).
The proceedings will be shared with the authorities such as UN and WHO.


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Conference that Challenged Thinking and Afforded Dialogue on Cutting Edge Ideas

The ICMS XXIII was an excellent conference that challenged thinking and afforded dialogue on cutting edge ideas to propel the generation of new knowledge and its impact. The range of topics was extensive that allowed the depth and breadth of the multidisciplinary field to be explored. Many papers focused on the recovery from Covid 19 where vital knowledge to action strategies met the theme of 'Resilience for Survival'.Read More
Alison Taysum, PhD, External Examiner University of Ulster.

Prolific Discussion and the Establishment of New Research Networks

The conference (ICMS XXIII) was organized with high professionalism, and I would highlight the high scientific quality, interest and update of the presentations, which permitted a prolific discussion and the establishment of new research networks.                                     
Sandro Serpa, University of the Azores, Portugal.

Novelty of the Information and Maximum Professionalism

At ICMS XXIII - Cambridge by EUSER, I enjoyed the novelty of the information presented in the papers, the diversity of the fields from which the speakers came and last but not least the possibility of knowing the participating experts, so I appreciate that the purpose of some people with common interests through the works presented was very well achieved.
Otilia Manta, Romanian Academy, Center for Financial and Monetary Research.

EUSER has Pioneered the Concept of Virtual Conferences

EUSER has pioneered the concept of virtual conferences, which has emerged as a real need for authors and scholars around the world. The organization is supportive and responsive as you prepare for your conference. Their online platform for authors is streamlined and intuitive. They are very collaborative and inclusive for a wide variety of disciplines.
Stephen J. McNeill, Kennesaw State University, USA.

Amazing Platform to Present the Most Outstanding Scientific Results 

It was the first time I participated in the ICSS. I was quite satisfied with the organization due to its simplicity of procedures. Congratulations to the organization. We look forward to your return to Portugal, now to the fantastic city of Porto. Diamantino Ribeiro, Universidade Portucalense, Portugal

Enriching and Professional Event

For me, the event was very enriching, as it involves researchers from various latitudes and areas of knowledge. Furthermore, the high degree of organization and professionalism with which the events are carried out is remarkable. Receive a warm greeting.Luis Fernando Muñoz González, Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana. Unidad Xochimilco, México.

Proud to be part on the ICMS XXII International Conference, 

Proud to be part on the 23rd International Conference, very professional and helpful staff prompt to support and give right instructions. I appreciated the innovative thinking and views of other authors. Their commitment to excellence has inspired other participants. Rezana Balla, Marin Barleti University, Tirana, Albania

Other Testimonials

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