Achieving Sustainable Peace Through Diversity Management and Peace Education in Africa: The Role of National Boundary Commission

Nicholas Udo Emiowele and Dr. Richard Okechukwu Oji
(Mimc, Aipm) Research / Policy Analysis National Boundary Commission, Abuja


The African continent is faced with the challenge of establishing peace and development. Several peace initiatives have been launched on the continent. Huge resources have been committed to achieve peace agreement which have often collapsed as a result of covert/competing interests. It is imperative to critically examine whether there are other peace building strategies that can be adopted to complement existing efforts to promote peace on the continent. This paper seeks to explore the problems and challenges of promoting sustainable peace through diversity management and peace education in Africa especially the critical role of National Boundary Commission in facilitating peaceful boundaries. There is the increasing interest in the role of NBC in promoting peace and security within Borders and across Borders particularly in volatile conflict – prone areas. This paper has been mainly conceived to help strengthen the growing body of policy-relevant knowledge on the functional application of peace research and peace education in Africa.