The Role of the Transcarpathian Hungarian Minority in the Hungarian-Ukrainian Diplomatic Relations at the Turn of the XX - XXI Century

Zsuzsanna Dolinai
University of Debrecen


The begin of 1990-s was a new era of diplomatic relations between Hungary and Ukraine. Hungary become an active partner in political, economic and diplamitic processes of Ukraine. The border countries make the nearest foreign affairs environment between the countries. It was a long way because these countries are parts of two, for the time being rather different political and macro-regional systems. But after examining their bilateral and diplomatic policy we can tell that their main aim depends on their cooperation in maintaining peace and the stability between the countries, as well as the internal development of the countries and the diverse relationship within the other countries. Today both of the countries is politiacal, ecnomical coridor between Central and Eastern Europe and between Euripean Union and Russia. They has common interests in security, transport corridors. political and economical stability.This research describes in details all work activities what have been conducted with the role of Hungarian minorities in bilateral relations between Hungary and Ukraine and also good-neighbour principles. Today the Hungarian minority in Ukraine is near 140,600 people. They constitute 12% of the population of the Transcarpathia region. In some cities such as Berehovo and Chop ethnic Hungarians make up for almost a half of the population.