Suggested topics for this conference include, but not limited to the following:
Information Management
Information Society
Information Technology
Information Communication
Management Information System
Workplace Training
Transferring Skills and Disciplines
Curriculum Design and Development in Economics
Quality Assurance/Standards and Accreditation in Economics
e business, e commerce, e government,  e participation, e democracy
Issues of identity and globalization
Disability and integration problems
Social services and support for vulnerable groups
New social disparities/social and economic change
Social services and support for vulnerable categories
Social accountability, collective behavior and social movements
Guidance in psychological counseling in education institutions and more wide
Psycho-social development and its impact on individual and collective well-being

Institutional Framework for Inclusive Economic Growth
Banking & Financial Inclusion
Small Finance Banks & Payment Banks
Micro Finance Institutions and Inclusive Growth
Self Help Groups and Empowerment
Non-Government Organisations as Growth Drivers
Legal Systems, Intellectual Property Rights and Economic Prosperity
Digital Platforms for Growth
Environment & Sustainability

Green energy, Green Economy, Green Business and Green Computing
Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security
Industrialisation vs. Environment
Sustainable Business
Renewable Energy for Sustainability
Emerging Challenges of Growth

Gender and Regional Disparities in Growth
Price Instabilities & Economic Volatilities- Inflation & Recession
Shadow Economy
Rising NPAs, Banking Crisis and Growth Impact
Climate Change & Challenges of Sustainability
Policy Framework for Growth

Fiscal Policy for Growth Stabilization
Tax reforms and ease of doing business
Growth Implication of Goods & Services Tax
Budget and Growth
Make in India, Skill India, Digital India, Smart Cities Initiatives
Monetary Policy & Economic Stability
Community Development

Poverty, Inequality & Unemployment
Corporate Social Responsibility
Rural Credit, Rural Entrepreneurship and Inclusive Growth
Infrastructure and Creation of New Opportunities
Childhood Development, Education & Skill Development, and Transition to Work
Universal Health and Sanitation
Women Empowerment
Agriculture and Agri- Business
Global Dimension of Growth & Sustainability

International Trade and Economic Growth
Global Inclusion Practices: Lessons from Countries in Asia and Africa
FDI and FII: National Growth Perspective
Global Economic Volatilities and Impact on National Economies
Export-led growth & sustainability
Global/Regional Financial Organisations and Growth