“The ICSS XVI-Paris conference has provided an excellent opportunity to catch the latest trend of research in the field of social sciences by sharing interesting research studies and promoting communication between scholars from diverse academic backgrounds.” 

Aba Cristina Lahuerta, Universidad De Oviedo, Spain


“Thank you for a pleasant experience at the ICSS XVI conference in Paris! It was honour to see all international work with high quality like examples from PBL in Catalonia and Russia. I was the moderator in the last session and the team was super. We had wonderful conversations and people were giving their best! I think the conference was worth coming. All the staff was helpful. Maybe next time there could be a little determined attitude towards the time and quantity of one person's presentations.”

Leena Hannula, Solvikiontie, Espoo, Finland


‘The organization of ICSS XVI - Paris, 23-24 November 2018 is very efficient, responding quickly to all requests for information. The site is quite appealing and the registration at the conference and payment functions perfectly. The support team unfolds to respond to requests. No doubt that I will go to Murcia conference, in person or if you can not virtually. Congratulations for the organization.”

Maria João Mimoso, Portucalense University Oporto, Portugal


“One of the great things about ICSS is that corresponding ability to respond and orient the participants in right way. Secondly, I have never before seen such effectiveness and efficiency in organization of the conference like that. You are doing a great job for the careers of academics. I have not had a single complaint about conferences by EUSER. My only regret is that I could not participate in the conference in-person to ICSS XVI in Paris.”

Lokman Coskun, Hena Plote University, Tirana, Albania


“It was very efficient conference for me. I met many academicians from different countries and listened many interesting papers. I plan to attend the next conference. Thank you very much for this wonderful organisation.”

Gökçe Yüksek, Anadolu University, Turkey


“The ICSS is a very well organized with a capable staff. The conference assembled an impressive group of participants from many countries.”

Joseph P Garske, The Global Conversation, USA


“Wonderful experience, great presentations and very interesting and engaging topics. Thank you very much!”

Maria Mont Algamasilla, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona


"I'm very pleased to have participated in ICSS XVI-Paris. All registration and participation procedures were very simple. The conference was a very useful experience and the product was of great value for my scientific work. I advise all colleagues to participate in the next sesion ICSS XVII."
Kriledjan Çipa, Archaeologist in Regional Directorate of National Culture of Vlora, Albania (D.R.K.K-Vlorë).


"The experience with ICSS XVI-Paris is striking in relation to the very diversified topics in the social sciences, also the communication with the organizing committee, which facilitates the progress of the procedures, because the answers are provided instantaneously. I wish the team good luck in future conferences."
Dr. Nadjiba Badi Boukemidja, Faculty of Law, University of Algiers


"ICSS is an excellent opportunity for academic promotion of new interesting research ideas that the participants have the opportunity to present as scientific publications on this platform. Thus, via this platform, it is given an opportunity for publication of papers in their renown magazines and an opportunity for a wide online promotion. In my case, the papers I have written so far have been published in EJSER, which made me promoted and recognised by other worldly reknown publishers. The very participation in ICSS enables the participants to create new hypotheses, to share fresh innovative ideas, mutual exchange of knowledge, to share various experience, and above all, to nurture mutual collaboration of people from different sociological contexts and geographical destinations, by showing mutual interest in supporting multicultural diversities and respect towards diversity and individuality. ICSS is a meeting point from which academic innovations are spread at a global level."
Prof. Dr. Naum Ilievski, Faculty of Psychology, International Slavic University “Gavrilo Romanovich Derzhavin” , Sveti Nikole, Macedonia


"Through my scientific participation at the XVI International Conference on Social Sciences, organized by ICSS-XVI-Paris, I noted that the Committee was highly efficient because of its many experience in the field in which it worked, Which made it the trust of all academics in various scientific disciplines, especially as it works to promote intellectual awareness by encouraging intellectuals to provide the best. I therefore wish this Committee greater prosperity and progress."

Hero A. Mohamed Amin, University of Salahaddin, Iraq


"It was a pleasure to participate at the 16th International Conference on Social Sciences organized by ICSS XVI and EUSER in Paris, France between 23th-24th November 2018. I was accepted with one paper and it was amazing to sharing best practices with many colleagues from other countries (totally, from 55 countries) in the context of this international conference. I was also honored having regard that the organizing team gives me the opportunity to moderate one of the conference section. Thank you for this double opportunity and congratulation for the level of the conference! I hereby recommend the ICSS conferences to all who are interested in discovering the new perspectives on the large area of social sciences field, in learning and improving their own skills. Enjoying EUSER conferences will surely find a kind team who are not just professionals but also very friendly and help the participants to be integrated into the programe as well as in future projects."
Ana-Maria Bolborici, Universitatea Transilvania Din Brasov, Romania


"As a presenter at the 16th International Conference on Social Sciences, held in Paris on 23-24 November 2018, I would like to express my deepest gratitude for the organization, professionalism and courtesy shown by the Organizing Committee of this conference. In my view, EUSER has managed to create a very advanced academic platform for the organization of international scientific conferences, thus creating excellent opportunities for all social science scholars, especially young scholars from different parts of the world to present their works and this way contribute to the science and community of scientists in general".
Mexhit Shaqiri, Universiteti i Prishtines, Kosovo


"ICSS XVI in Paris has been a successful international academic platform for researchers. I suggest that The conference sessions should be seperated in the fields, so common resaerchers could meet and similar topics would be discussed"
Ebru Z. Boyacioglu, Trakya University, Turkey


"Thank you for the opportunity to be part of this social science community in ICSS XVI in Paris. Perfect organization, many interesting topics, excellent research, creative papers, pleasant people, and sheared experiences. See you all next year!"
Eleonora Serafimovska, University Ss. Cyril and Methodius, Republic of Macedonia

"Many thanks to the organizing committee for the excellent organization in bringing a wide variety of academic work and impressive professionalism shown during ICSS XVI, Paris. Congratulations to EUSER!"
Gonca Atıcı, Istanbul University, Turkey

"I have participated in two of the conferences that have been held, XIII and XVI. I would have liked to be able to participate face-to-face but the labor obligations and especially the costs have prevented me from adopting this modality. Virtual participation has been a great possibility for me. I would like to highlight the possibility of participating with research that has a multidisciplinary origin, as in my case. Many times it is difficult to find a space for this type of research as practical as EUSER conferences. On the other hand I would like to highlight the confluence in the same event of different areas of knowledge that allows an enriching feedback."
Edgardo Alberto Stubbs, Universidad Nacional de Plata, Argentina

"I thank you for the kind reception I received at the 16th International Conference in Paris, and I congratulate you on this remarkable success to bring the Conference out in this way."
Haitham Abd El-Razek El-Sawalhy, University of Sadat City, Egypt


"It was a next privilege, the opportunity for with individual scientific work to be a participant in the ICSS, XVI - Paris International Conference, held on November, 23/24, 2018. The organizers, perhaps inspired by the impressive ambiance and dynamic life of Paris, efficiently managed the success of the conference. Researchers from many countries around the world, with different cultural, ethnic, and vocational affiliations, once again confirmed the inclusive spirit of this event: multidimensional, integrative scientific approach is reflected many times in their presentations. A well-organized conference agenda enabled exchanges of experiences and ideas among participants, making the social atmosphere within the conference halls richer. Coordination of activities and co-operation between organizers and participants helped me to find meaning of the research what i am working currently. As the discussions and debates among the authors took place, I personally felt well and with high self confidence. I also highly appreciate the possibility that works can be published in valid scientific journals of different fields. The successful organization of these conference on one hand and the publication of works in scientific journals, on the other hand, articulated the overall picture of a serious and promising project for the future."

Lulzim Murtezani, State University of Tetovo, FYROM


" ICSS XVI-Paris transcended all my expectations. The organizing team did the best to answer my inquiries, update and send my documents in a speed record time-frame. Working with you is very professional and comfortable. In spite of the unfortunate event in Paris, the conference was of an extreme success. I would love to be part of the upcoming events organized by ICSS XVI & EUSER."
Fatima.Z.Benabdellah, Université Abdelhamid Ibn Badis Mostaganem, Algeria

This was a great experience: stimulating with diverse and multidisciplinary intellectual interactions. The organization of the event was superb. Thank you.
Andrei Novac, MD, Clinical Professor, University of California Irvine, USA


”The ICSS provides an excellent opportunity to present and discuss your own research, as well as to be informed and inspired by a large number of presentations in numerous research areas in the social sciences. Participants are given plentiful of possibilities to create or expand research networks.”
Kjell O. Lejon, Professor, Forskningsmiljöföreståndare, Linköping, Sweeden


I really have been felt welcomed and supported in every collaboration. A successful academic platform ICSS provides a very fast and professional process to publish our papers. Keep up the great work! Make sure ICSS lasts for many years to come. I will definitely choose ICSS again for my papers and recommend it to my colleagues.
Flavia Kaba, Faculty of Foreign Languages, University of Tirana, Albania

"As a presenter at the 16th International Conference on Social Sciences, held in Paris on 23-24 November 2018, I would like to express my deepest gratitude for the organization, professionalism and courtesy shown by the Organizing Committee of this conference. In my view, EUSER has managed to create a very advanced academic platform for the organization of international scientific conferences, thus creating excellent opportunities for all social science scholars, especially young scholars from different parts of the world to present their works and this way contribute to the science and community of scientists in general".
Mexhit Shaqiri, Universiteti i Prishtines, Fakulteti Juridik, Kosovo

For me the ICSS XVI-Paris was an interesting experience. I had the opportunity to share my professional experience with colleagues from different country. I would like to appreciate the interdisciplinary approach of this conference and the organizing. I look forward to the next conference!

Conf. univ. dr. Mihaela Voinea, Directorul Departamentului de Psihologie, Educatie si Pregatirea Personalului Didactic, Universitatea Transilvania Brasov


"ICSS XVI-Paris was a great event, with so much knowledge and great speakers; this was my first ICSS Conference. I was amazed by the diversity of research topics. I enjoyed networking with peers from a variety of colleges and universities, as well as those from different countries. All the staff is very professional and helpful. In short: offering a source of inspiration."
Dr. Souad Guessar, Tahri Mohamed University Bechar, Algeria


“ICSS XVI-Paris are a great opportunity to get up-to-date knowledge about research, and a significant opportunity to network. It is offering a compact source of inspiration.”
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohammed Yousef Mai, Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris, Malaysia


"In my opinion the conferences organized by ICSS are really worth being promoted. It is a great idea to gather together scientists and academicians from all over the world presenting various fields of research and provide the opportunity to present different points of view of the same topic. It makes the conferences very vivid and inspiring. I find these scientific meetings very interesting and treat them also as a very good platform to exchange experiences and start new scientific contacts."

Dominika Pazder, PhD Poznań University of Technology, Poland


"I sincerely thank you for the invitation for the ICSS XVI – Paris. That was a wonderful opportunity to present our idea for a PanEuropean TV channel. Hopefully it was met with support and gained allies! I also want to thank you for the perfect organization of the conference! 177 reports from 246 authors representing 55 countries is very impressive and I am sure highly demanding for the people who organized the event. They made a great decision with the Interdisciplinary studies format in which we took part. I am very thankful for the opportunity to participate IN VIRTUAL. Today, this is a great option for people with busy schedules! Thanks again and best of luck to your future events!"
Prof. Ivo Draganov PhD, New Bulgarian  University, Sofia, Bulgaria


"ICSS XVI-Paris has been a successful international academic conference with the participation of scientists from many research institutes and universities in the world. The conference is an opportunity for scientists to present their research results, exchange and learning from other researchers. I sincerely appreciate the success of the conference and hope that ICSSXVII- Paris will be even more successful."

Ngo Minh Hien, PhD, The University of Da Nang- Universiy of Science and Education, Vietnam


"An energetic and engaged event, packed with knowledge and interesting speakers, offering a unique opportunity to network with colleagues. In short: offering a compact source of inspiration."
Angela Bushati, Freie Universität Berlin


"I strongly recommend participating in conferences organized by Euser. The staff are dilligent, hard-working and highly professional. I had a great experience regarding the ease in communication and receipt of information in due time. I also appreciate a lot their online platform and the choice of APA referencing system for paper submission. The growing number of participants from all over the world is a positive indicator of great success! I am looking forward to participating in future events!"
Iris Klosi, University of Tirana, Faculty of Foreign Languages, English Department


"The ICSS XVI-Paris was a very interesting accasion to listen and talk to colleagues of so many different areas of knowledge. Certainly I would be very pleased to attend a new conference in the future because not only I could present my work to other colleagues from around the world, but I also could learn from such different realities and topics. The organization was excellent and everything went as planned."
Edgardo Maza, Universidad del Bío Bío, Chile

"I have had the pleasure of speaking at both Leuven and Paris 2018 ICSS International Conferences and have really enjoyed the opportunity to make contact with colleagues and researchers in various social sciences fields from all over the world, to network, share insights and showcase the scope of our research. I have also found the organization exceptional and I would happily encourage other scientists to attend future ICSS EUSER Conferences in order to benefit from the experience."
Katerina Kourkouli, English Department, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece

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