Language and Literature Main Branches Essence of literature Slave narrative  14th century in literature
  Theoretical linguistics Composition  Thriller  15th century in literature
  Cognitive linguistics World literature  Conspiracy fiction  16th century in literature
  Generative linguistics Forms of literature Legal thriller  17th century in literature
  Functional theories of grammar Oral literary genres Spy fiction/Political thriller  18th century in literature
  Quantitative linguistics Oral literature Techno-thriller  19th century in literature
  Phonology Oral poetry  Western fiction  20th century in literature
  Graphemics Epic poetry  Literature by region 21st century in literature
  Morphology Legend  African literature General literature concepts
  Syntax Mythology  Asian literature Book
  Lexis Ballad  European literature Western canon 
  Semantics Folktale  Latin American literature Teaching of writing
  Pragmatics Oral Narrative  North American literature Composition 
  Descriptive linguistics Oral History  Oceanic literature Rhetoric 
  Anthropological linguistics Urban legend  History of literature Poetry 
  Historical linguistics Written literary genres History of literature Prosody 
  Comparative linguistics
Poetry and Prose
History of the book Meter 
  Phonetics Children's literature  History of theater Scansion 
  Graphetics Constrained writing  History of modern literature Constrained writing 
  Etymology Poetry History of science fiction Poetics 
  Sociolinguistics Speculative poetry  History of ideas Villanelle 
  Applied linguistics Prison literature  Intellectual history Sonnet 
  Computational linguistics Rhymed prose  Literature by period Sestina 
  Evolutionary linguistics Saj' Literature by era Ghazal 
  Forensic linguistics Maqama Ancient literature Ballad 
  Internet linguistics Fu (literature) Bronze Age literature Blank verse 
  Language assessment Rayok Sumerian Free verse 
  Language documentation Non-fiction Ancient Egyptian Epic poetry 
  Language revitalization Autobiography  Akkadian Prose 
  Language education Biography  Classical era literature Fiction 
  Linguistic anthropology Diaries and Journals  Avestan Non-fiction 
  Neurolinguistics Essay  Chinese Biography 
  Psycholinguistics Literary criticism  Greek Prose genres 
  Language acquisition Memoir  Hebrew Essay 
  Language development Outdoor literature  Latin Flash prose 
  Second-language acquisition Self-Help  Pali Journalism 
Sub branches   Spiritual autobiography  Prakrit Novel 
  Phonetics Travel literature  Sanskrit Novella 
  Phonology Fiction genres Syriac Short story 
  Morphology Fiction Tamil Theater 
  Syntax Adventure novel  Japanese History of theater 
  Semantics Airport novels  Early medieval literature Rhetoric 
  Pragmatics Comedy  Matter of Rome Metaphor 
  Discourse analysis Parody  Matter of France Metonymy 
  Linguistic typology Satire  Matter of Britain Symbol 
  Applied linguistics Crime fiction  Armenian literature Allegory 
  Biolinguistics Detective fiction  Byzantine literature Basic procedural knowledge
  Clinical linguistics Hardboiled  Georgian literature Poetry analysis 
  Computational linguistics Whodunit  Kannada literature effective reasoning in argument writing
  Developmental linguistics Newgate novel  Middle Persian literature Narratology
  Evolutionary linguistics Fable  Old Turkic False document 
  Historical linguistics Fairy tale  Medieval literature Frame tale 
  Language geography Family saga  Medieval Bulgarian literature Anecdote 
  Neurolinguistics Frame story  Old English literature In Medias Res 
  Psycholinguistics Gothic  Middle English literature Point of view 
  Sociolinguistics Southern Gothic  Arabic literature Literary criticism 
  Stylistics Historical fiction  Persian literature Marxist literary criticism 
Other branches Inspirational fiction  Armenian literature Semiotic literary interpretation 
  Corpus linguistics Invasion literature  Byzantine literature Psychoanalytic literary interpretation 
  Contrastive linguistics Mystery  Medieval Catalan literature Feminist literary interpretation 
  Dialectology Philosophical literature  Medieval Dutch literature New historicism 
  Discourse analysis Inspirational fiction (religious literature) Medieval French literature Queer literary interpretation 
  Grammar Psychological novel  Georgian literature Literary awards
  Interlinguistics Psychological thriller  Medieval German literature List of literary awards
  Language didactics Romance (heroic literature)  Bengali literature List of poetry awards
  Language learning Romance  Indian literature Persons influential in the field of literature
  Language teaching Historical romance  Old Irish literature List of authors
  Language for specific purposes Regency romance  High medieval literature Literary critics
  Lexicology Inspirational romance Korean literature List of writers
  Linguistic statistics Paranormal romance  Kamakura-Muromachi literature Literature creation
  Orthography Saga  Nepal Bhasa literature Author
  Rhetoric Speculative fiction  Old Norse literature Publisher
  Text linguistics Alternate history  Bylina Editor
  Cognitive linguistics Fantasy  Telugu literature Copy editor
  Danish School Epic fantasy  Albanian Literature Literature distribution
  Functionalism Science fantasy  Turkish literature Publishing
  Generative linguistics Steampunk  Slavic Literature Library
  Geneva School Urban fantasy  Medieval Welsh literature Bookselling
  Neo-Grammarians Weird fantasy  Renaissance literature Magazine
  Prague School Horror  Early Modern literature  
  Prescription and description Lovecraftian horror  Renaissance  
  Soviet linguistics Weird menace  Baroque  
  Stratificational linguistics Science fiction  Modern literature  
  Structuralism Cyberpunk  Literature by century  
  Systemic linguistics Hard science fiction  10th century in literature  
  SIL International Space opera  11th century in literature  
  Tagmemics Supernatural fiction  12th century in literature  
    Sensation novel  13th century in literature  
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